Weather in Golling

Today morning Temperature: 4°C/39°F Sunshine: 80% Freezing level: 3300m
Today afternoon Temperature: 17°C/63°F Sunshine: 80% Freezing level: 3300m
Wednesday Temperature: 22°C/72°F Sunshine: 80% Freezing level: 4000m
Thursday Temperature: 20°C/68°F Sunshine: 80% Freezing level: 3600m


We will experience typical foehn weather conditions on Tuesday. The sky will be bright with some mountain peaks being shrouded in “foehn fish clouds” (in technical jargon: “Altocumulus lenticularis”). The wind will be gusty and temperatures will of course be mild.


On Wednesday, the foehn winds will reach their peak gusting to more than 120 km/h and we will see positive values up to 4000 m. In the valleys, temperatures will be unusually warm for the season. The foehn winds will cease on Friday or Saturday!