History Golling


Golling - the name shows the settlement of the Slavs - Slovenian: golica = mountain overgrown with grass

1241: documentary naming of the town-name "Golingen"

1284: Golling is named as a market town

1809: fights of the ally French and Bavarian against Austrian at Pass Lueg

From 1810 to 1816: Golling was a part of the kingdom Bavaria

1896: foundation of the political district Hallein - integration of Golling

1936: independet towns Obergäu and Torren are integrated in Golling

ADVERTISING FILM of golling in 1928


Coat of arms of Golling

At the top of the coat of arms you can see the church patron saint Johann evangelist. He is holding a golden glass in the left hand and is blessing it with his right hand.  Wappen Golling 500

At the bottom there is a black raven with a golden ring in his beak.

History of the raven:
"A long time ago there was a castle at the 'Hiasenwand'. One day, when the woman of the castle was having a wash, she put her diamond ring on the window ledge. The ring was missing since that day. They suspected the valet of stolen the ring, so he was executed. After that a shepherd found the ring in a raven nest. Since that day the raven with the ring is shown on the coat of arms.

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