Weather in Golling

Today morning Temperature: 21°C/70°F Sunshine: 60% Freezing level: 3700m
Today afternoon Temperature: 23°C/73°F Sunshine: 40% Freezing level: 3700m
Thursday Temperature: 21°C/70°F Sunshine: 40% Freezing level: 3400m
Friday Temperature: 20°C/68°F Sunshine: 40% Freezing level: 3200m


We remain under the influence of warm, moist air. The morning, in particular, will bring very pleasant conditions. Low early morning mist will clear away to give a sunny first half of the day. The air will become sultry. In the afternoon, cumulus cloud may lead to thunderstorms.


On Thursday and Friday cooler maritime air will bring thunderstorms and unstable weather. Saturday will see an improvement in the weather again.