Weather in Golling

Today morning Temperature: 14°C/57°F Sunshine: 40% Freezing level: 3400m
Today afternoon Temperature: 22°C/72°F Sunshine: 50% Freezing level: 3500m
Tuesday Temperature: 20°C/68°F Sunshine: 50% Freezing level: 3400m
Wednesday Temperature: 16°C/61°F Sunshine: 40% Freezing level: 2500m


There is little news to report on the current weather conditions: Humid and warm air is hovering over Central Europe. A weak area of high pressure will reduce the risk of thunderstorms but will not be sufficient to brighten up the sky.


The next fews days the sky will be partly clear, partly cloudy. During the second half of the day the risk of showers or thunderstorms will be moderate.