Weather in Golling

Today morning Temperature: 6°C/43°F Sunshine: 80% Freezing level: 2000m
Today afternoon Temperature: 11°C/52°F Sunshine: 40% Freezing level: 2300m
Saturday Temperature: 9°C/48°F Sunshine: 70% Freezing level: 2000m
Sunday Temperature: 8°C/46°F Sunshine: 30% Freezing level: 2000m


Today will again be very mild for the season. It is uncertain, however, if the weather will remain dry. The foehn winds, which are responsible for these warm temperatures, will weaken during the day and die away completely between midday and the evening, most likely in the early afternoon. As a consequence, dense cloud will develop.


On Saturday we will see an improvement in the weather. Sunday will bring changeable weather conditions with a mix of sunshine, clouds and a few showers.