Weather in Golling

Today morning Temperature: 4°C/39°F Sunshine: 20% Freezing level: 1500m
Today afternoon Temperature: 2°C/36°F Sunshine: 0% Freezing level: 1000m
Tuesday Temperature: 2°C/36°F Sunshine: 10% Freezing level: 1000m
Wednesday Temperature: 2°C/36°F Sunshine: 20% Freezing level: 900m


The period of spring-like weather is coming to an end now! An area of low pressure will send colder and more humid air masses to the Alpine region today. We will therefore see a mostly cloudy sky and occasional precipitation. The snow level will fall down to the valleys.


Air pressure will rise over Central Europe and there will be some clearer spells at times. A period of fine weather is not forecast, however. Until Friday, sunny spells will alternate with snow showers in the afternoon.