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Excursion destinations in Golling and the surrounding area for the whole family

Cleverix is ​​free Discover the 31 family-friendly TOP excursion destinations in the holiday region and other excursion tips in the Tennengau experience planner. Cleverix sitzt2 freigestellt

Let Cleverix the Celtic boy show you the most beautiful box seats on the subjects of NATURE, WATER and MUSEUMS in Tennengau. Take part in the Cleverix puzzle tour through Tennengau. At every excursion destination you will receive your puzzle card and find a Cleverix figure with a question and a hint for a possible answer. For each correct answer you can stamp your Cleverix on the corresponding field on your card. If you have collected at least 7 stamps, you will receive a Cleverix surprise as a reward for your great efforts (at each participating excursion destination).


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