From the nearby Mountain Pass Lueg it is only a few steps to the "SALZACHKLAMM".

This is an impressive sight; the place where the Tennengebirge mountains break through the chalk of the Dachstein to the Hagengebirge mountain range and fall away 80 metres.

The rocky walls are full of immense cavities and swamps carved out by the gushing waters.
At the ‘dome’ - considered the part most worth seeing - the rock walls seem to close up completely.


Opening hours & prices can be found at www.salzachklamm.at


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Adventure gorge

A unique nature project with a tour, flying fox and expedition get to know one of the most beautiful natural monuments in Austria in a new and exciting way! Book a guided tour with the Teamspirit team and, at the end of the tour, with the Flying Fox - an 800 meter long steel cable slide across the water.

Current information and prices can be found at www.erlebnisschlucht.at




Data & facts 

Length of the gorge: 1.5 km

Duration of the hike: 1 hour

Elevation gain: 22 m

Difficulty: medium

Starting point: Pass Lueg

End point: approx. Wallpach chapel


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