Nature reserved Bluntau valley

Bluntautal valley is a protected nature reserve of unique natural beauty and one of the most enchanting parts of the province of Salzburg.
The crystal clear waters of the ‘Torrener Ache’ reflect the unique alpine environment, and deep green lakes surrounded by luscious pastures play host to playful brook trouts.



Horse-drawn carriage trips can be taken from Bluntau bridge to the Bärenhof inn, on request.
Contact: +43 (0)6244 6473 or +43 (0)676 9116013





From 4th April until 31th October there is a general driving ban on the municipal road to the Bluntau valley fom 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Exceptions: vehicles of the forestry, disabled people, cyclers, guests of the Bärenhof, busses and taxis.


Restaurants nearby

Gasthof GÖLLHOF, phone: +43 (0)6244 4492
Gasthof BÄRENHOF, phone: +43 (0)6244 6172