Get right up close to nature in the mountains and hills around Golling!

Golling’s alpine surroundings provide excellent opportunities to go on trekking tours, climbing adventures or simply for long walks in the unspoilt countryside.
Impressive hikes, refreshment stops at rustic alpine huts, and culinary treats such as Tennengauer Almkäse cheese, are just a few reasons why this region is so appealing.



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A rich variety of more selective mountain tours also includes the Unterjoch, the Oberjoch or Carl-von-Stahlhaus!
A wonderful area of green pastures is the Trattberg in St. Koloman.

At the Golling tourist office we are always happy to advise you on the best hiking tours and can supply you with guides familiar with the area. Get your Golling Hiking Map for free at the tourist office Golling!


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