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Historic time travel through the castle

The museum of natural and cultural history is housed in medieval Golling castle. Not least because of the extensive natural and cultural history collections, this museum is one of the most important regional museums in the state of Salzburg. Annual special exhibitions with extraordinary objects make the visit an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of the diverse range of guided tours for different visitor and age groups. Discover the exciting history of Burg Golling with exclusive behindthescenes insights into the museum.


The following treasures can be visited in the museum:

  • History about the castle Golling
  • History about the place GollingTennengauPlusCard hier gueltig
  • Collections of fossils and minerals from the region
  • Valuable watch collection
  • Current special exhibitionssl card 17
  • and much more...


Opening times


22.5.2021 till 24.10.2021



Entrance feesPrice
Adult 5,00 EUR
Adult reduced
Retirees, students, people with disabilities,  groups off 10 person
4,00 EUR
Adult, SalzburgerLand-Card free
Adult, TennengauPLUS-Card 4,00 EUR
Child, SalzburgerLand-Card free
Child, TennengauPLUS-Card 1,60 EUR
Child under 6 years free
Child from 6 years 2,00 EUR


Guide pricesPrice
At night in the museum child (inkl. entrance fee) 4,00 EUR
At night in the museum adult (inkl. entrance fee) 8,00 EUR
Individual grouptour (per group, max. 25 person, exkl. entrance fee) 35,00 EUR
Historical castle tour adult (inkl. entrance fee) 8,00 EUR
Historical castle tourl child, TennengauPLUS-Card (inkl. entrance fee) 3,20 EUR
Historical castle tour child (inkl. entrance fee) 4,00 EUR
Historical castle tour adult, TennengauPLUS-Card (inkl. entrance fee) 6,40 EUR
Expert tour (max. 10 person, exkl. entrance fee) 45,00 EUR
Depot tour (max. 5 person, exkl. entrance fee) 50,00 EUR


On request you can also book guided tours and special programmes of the Stone Age, the Romans or the life in the Middle Ages. We offer you a programme for every age with many objectes for trying, playing and doing handicrafts.

More information: +43 (0)664 5321270 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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